Hubby and I traveled to San Francisco this week!

Not only did we get to see the fabulous Claire Wagner, her hubby Greg, and the infamously charming crew at Interop’s HotStage, but we toured Napa and checked out a few wineries along the way. As we drove into the picturesque entry to the Peju Winery I half expected more of the same “happy hour” vibe we’d been getting elsewhere, but hoped for more. I didn’t know what I wanted, but it had been feeling a little stale…

Any apprehensions melted as we met Alan Arnopole, staff raconteur, rapper, yodeler, and general wisecracker. He was magic. He even made up a rap for me on the spot since it was my birthday (having to do with my being from Georgia) and enchanted us all with his songs and stories. We sampled and we all bought a lot more than I saw people buy from the wineries just down the street.

I’m no oenophile, but I’ll swear the wine hubby bought me tastes better than the stuff I sampled down the street. There’s a richness, a character to it there that’s hard to put into words.

I credit Alan’s story telling and ripe character for the difference.

What are you doing to let your light (however unusual) shine?