Have you ever had an obsession that bordered on being dangerous?  I never saw this coming.  Everybody who’s online loves graphics, whether they realize it or not.  Infinite variety beckons. Some sites are gorgeous, some hilarious, some “meh,” and some that are just scary awful, but almost all of them grab eyeballs.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that colors and shapes online come to us via light.  They are teeny, tiny colored pixels of light dancing in front of our eyes for attention.  I revere those who can create artwork that make you nearly cry with delight from the beauty and cleverness of their message. And then of course there’s text placement and fonts, which keep me joyously distracted for hours sometimes.  These elements have been part of web site design on static sites for years.  But now there’s something dangerously thrilling out there that is so flexible and easy to use it’s scary: WordPress.

Suddenly it’s not safe to own a Website anymore

I’m supposed to be writing informative, interesting, and entertaining posts and tutorials about Social Media and Web Design.

I’m supposed to be designing logos, web sites, rocking Facebook Fan Pages, and Twitter backgrounds for people.

I’m supposed to be a person who’s wildly responsive to her clients, helping them to develop and organize their content so that it shows to it’s very best advantage.

I”m supposed to be a person who is continually refining her ninja skills for the betterment of clients far and wide.

I”m NOT supposed to be a person who’s continually tinkering with her own site!!!!

My only excuse is that I’m having an acute case of WordPress 3.0 envy.  It’s crazy customizable, so much so that with every site I design for somebody else on 3.0 I can’t take my hands off of my own, which is still *sigh* in 2.9, which is before all the huge changes.  I won’t do anything less for my clients than to design with 3.0.  It’s SO versatile!! Every icon set, every wallpaper idea, every interesting font, every logo idea, they’re all calling out to me, crying out for a redesign!!!  It’s nuts.  Everybody who knows about branding will tell you that keeping your look consistent is essential to conveying your company’s image to a very, very busy and distractible world.  Decisions must be made.

It’s more fun meddling around with this site as a laboratory for my evil wild experiments as a testing ground than going to the movies sometimes!!!  Claire Wagner, insightful and talented professional copywriter over at WagnerWrites has long held that I’m what’s known as an Active Experimenter.  This means that I can’t stand not living my work out loud for all to see, even though it’s risky, because it cultivates real innovation.  While I can do other kinds of sites, WordPress 3.0’s powerful, playful capabilities suck me in every time.


Where else can a regular person make significant changes to their website without fear of breaking it altogether?!  How else can an Office Manager for a Veterinary Clinic make regular updates to their site without the tiresome and expensive process of:

  • Contacting their previous web designer for an appointment
  • Communicating the scope of the changes, which might just  be summer office hours or a seasonal special on flea preventative, or adding client pictures to a gallery, which I think is adorable and fun.
  • Waiting for a proposal for the changes
  • Deliberating on the cost for changes, as well as approving them when they come through, so that everybody is on the same page.
  • Waiting some more for the changes to be made.
  • Telling your clients the changes are coming soon.
  • Paying for the changes.
  • Trying not to be irritated with web designer because it seems to take SO long, because it’s not their fault.  That’s just what static websites are like. It’s nobody’s fault.  It’s just been the status quo.  Until WordPress became the SEO darling and easily maintained site type of my dreams.

Now Business Owners Everywhere Are In Trouble

Isolated instances of WordPress fever are spreading into wildfire epidemic.  How would you like to make changes anytime you want to on your site without having to wait a minute or pay a dime?  It’s pretty heady stuff.  The only saving grace for busy businesses is that their Office Managers aren’t likely to dissolve into a frenzy of updates to the site because they aren’t designers.  They aren’t as susceptible to 75 New Free Social Icons or a new, sexy wall paper.  They are safe, secure, and liberated from tiresome, expensive updates.  And they get personally trained so that they can make normal changes on the site every day, if they want.

Kitty with shocked expression
I feel like a crack dealer.

What about your profession makes your heart pound and distracts you dangerously? Please share and distract me from my next experiment!!!!