OK, I’ll go ahead and admit it.

Last week I went ahead and created an Old Spice guy voicemail greeting for my phone.  No kidding!  If you were to call me up on my regular phone number you’d be treated to a tiny introduction from me and the Old Spice guy telling you I’m not available right now because I’m “taking in his Old Spice manliness,” or something like that.  It’s just too much fun!!

Old Spice has engaged in genius with their social media campaign.  Last week they created personalized video responses on Twitter featuring the Old Spice guy in his classic towel clad bathroom scene.  In case you missed it, here are 10 of the most popular responses.

Old Spice used to be something people like my Dad used

and it was old fashioned even back when I was a kid!!  When Axe came out, all the kids made much of it and their sales skyrocketed.  Old Spice was changing with the times, but didn’t seem to be getting the traction that Axe did.  Until last week.  Suddenly my 13 year old boy’s going to want to switch from his manly Axe deordorant and body spray to Old Spice.  I know it.  We’ve already been watching the YouTube videos.  And since hygiene is an especially beautiful thing to nurture during the teen years, I will happily comply.

Oh, what’s that?

You want an Old Spice guy voicemail greeting for yourself?  Can’t wait to hear what your Mom has to say about it!!

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