Picture this, if you will:  It’s late one evening. You’ve been working hard all day and have finally changed into your T-shirt and undies to have a few minutes in front of the TV while everybody else is asleep.  Am I wrong here?  I like PJ’s as much as the next person, IF they’re comfortable, but sometimes nothing feels more right when you’re sitting down to relax for a few minutes and (hopefully) get a little lost in a movie.  Who doesn’t still love getting a little lost in Harry Potter films?  I admit I do.

So you’re sitting in front of the TV set.

The kids are in bed.  The cat’s been fed.  And all your emails are read.

You want a little break for yourself.

So you flip the channels and see very little quality programming: stale reruns and infomercials.  Lots of infomercials. Some of them are entertaining, such as the p90x ones where we all imagine ourselves being breathtaking buff in 6 weeks because we “pushed play.” Then there’s the plop and chop or what have you in the needlessly silly kitchen gadget department.  And then …

There are the get rich quick infomercials!!!


Nothing can get me to change a channel faster than the threat of being yelled at by sketchy guys and silicone women in bikinis to get me to hand them my money for their pyramid scheme … or worse.

Now many of us relax with Facebook instead

But it’s being invaded by get rich quick “webinars!!”

If you’ve “liked” anybody’s Social Media (Whatever) fan page

without knowing anything about them odds are very good that you have just inadvertently signed up for periodic private messages for their AMAZING AND FREE webinars where you will be barraged with information and then pelted with a tacky sales pitch.  It’s like those deals where people stayed “free” at a resort in order to listen to the high pressure spiel for hours.  Why subject yourself to this kind of punishment? Lots of people (moi included) put out lots of quality information for free with no hype.  And no private messages filling up your Facebook message center.  If you’re already a fan of my Social Media Design page, then you know this is true.

If you’re getting these “IMPORTANT notifications” from a particular source all the time  just “unlike” their page.  It’s spam.  Plain and simple.

Webinars can still be great

You can leave one with your head spinning with useful information and inspiration.  For example, several weeks ago I saw something on Twitter about a women’s only social media conference that looked pretty appealing.  Denise Wakeman was one of the organizers.  I remember her approach.  She was respectful and invited people to attend.  No virtual screaming, no insulting “you need this NOW” stuff.  There was a limited opportunity sort of call to action, but there’s no crime in reminding people that their opportunity is about to slip away.  It’s real.  I listened, got some good inspiration, and went on with my day grateful for the valuable, free content.

That’s more my approach.  If and when I do one of these things, I promise you it will be well organized, have lots of truly gifted/skillful people, and I will respect you.  Because you deserve that.

Now it’s Your turn!!

Have you had any experiences with these Webinar pitches on Facebook?  What kind of Webinars, if any, would you like? And, of course, which late night infomercial is most memorable to you? Please scroll down and tell us what you think in the comments box below!

Photo credit to Planning Financials

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