This afternoon I have the pleasure of doing some Social Media Marketing training at the Athens Area Association of Realtors.  What they don’t know and I didn’t even know until yesterday evening, thanks to Steve Rubel, is that there is a new, really exciting application out there that uses geotagging in a new and totally amazing way!

OK, what is geotagging, you might ask, and why is it interesting or important to the average bear?  Geotagging is when, through the beauty of the internet and GPS enabled tracking, you can tell the world exactly where you are and show the coordinates to prove it via Google Earth.  Not to worry though, the choice to allow GPS tracking always belongs to you and your computer or mobile device.

So what does geotagging mean to Social Media Marketing and who cares?

I’m glad you asked! Applications like Foursquare and Gowalla already use this technology to in hopes of creating an effective marketing platform, but it’s still so much in it’s infancy that we’ve only just begun to see what’s possible with it.  Dominos pizza in Chicago is experiencing phenomenal results with Social Media, namely via Twitter, due to the creativity and (forgive me) thinking outside the pizza box of Ramon DeLeon, owner of 7 franchises, but geotagging is just so NEW that there’s plenty of room out there for innovators to get in on the ground floor and carve out a niche for themselves in this ever crowded, ever fast flowing river of information that we’re privy to on the internet.  Steve Rubel aptly phrases it as “drinking from  a fire hose!”

So what’s this new application, how much does it cost, and what does it do?

It’s called TagWhat, and it allows users to “tag” a geographic location, such as a house or business, with information that others can see.  Nobody’s doing this yet to my knowledge, but what would it be like for a Real Estate Agent to be able to “tag” a house for sale with cool information, photos, and even a VIDEO of the interior for people who looking in the area? There is so much potential for Real Estate Agents in particular to really score big with this application.  In a world where print media is going the way of the dinosaur, new strategies are necessary to keep the ever important business of buying and selling Real Estate alive and well.  Lots of people will be buying and selling homes in 5 years, but it will probably look very different.  Be at the forefront of what’s going on and start using Social Media marketing wisely and respectfully.  You will be amazed with the results!

If some savvy Real Estate Agent in Paris picks this up, I’ll be drooling over fancy apartments in Paris. Why not? 😉

The Eiffel Tower at  Dusk