You know when you’re falling in love and everything reminds you of your loved one?

Every song, every poem, every love story seems to have a direct tie in to your budding relationship.  You don’t know what’s going to happen next, but the excitement is heady and you feel almost like you’ve had a little too much champagne.

That’s how I feel about discovering Evernote.

How is it that a simple, free application could captivate me so completely?  Because it ROCKS!!!

Like anyone who’s just fallen in love, let me “count the ways:”

<3  It’s Free!!

<3  It pulls together any and all notes, videos, audio clips, URL’s, paragraphs or even sentences from whatever digital media you are browsing, whenever, wherever …

<3  It lets you organizes them into categories you create!

<3  It works on iPhone, Mac, iPad, and virtually everything else!

<3 It took me literally 60 seconds to begin using it successfully!!!

Here’s an example:

I’ve been invited to research and write an in depth article about the new Facebook Privacy Settings for an amazing online social media magazine.  If they like it, they publish it!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, my not so old college habits kick in (graduated magna cum laude in Communications) and I begin researching with the intensity of Taz during a good feeding frenzy.

Taz Tornado

In the heat of the moment, I decide that maybe it’s time to check out this Evernote that my friends have been talking about lately.  It looked cute.

As I researched Facebook’s byzantine (my 10 cent word for the day), it was SO easy to highlight, click the cute little elephant icon, and voila! A window pops up, takes my customization/notes in record time, and then saves them for me all in the folder(s) I effortlessly created.  Every sentence, paragraph, fresh URL, even videos were saved all in one neat little package.

The kids and I are going out for Japanese food tonight at the little Express place, but if  I have a brainwave while there, Evernote will let me whip out my iPhone and jot down a quick note and immediately bookmark it to the correct folder for it, or make a new one on the fly.

Can you see why I’m in LOVE? Taz in love

Can you see why the stars have all aligned and music is playing in my heart where there is none audible?  It’s Evernote!!!!

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