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Cindy King, Social Media Examiner’s Managing Editor, asked me to contribute to this extremely useful post on Video Marketing tips. Mine are #22 in the line up, and I’d like to share a one that got left out due to the amount of room for the overall post. Hope you enjoy!

My best tip: Make it surprising and delightful.

How? Do something completely unpredictable.

In this fun video by the Rockstar Video Game, a baby sitting on the sofa and watching his scruffy Daddy playing Rockstar reaches for the game’s guitar and proceeds to play an amazing guitar riff on it in front of his amazed parents. This video ad is particularly delightful because winks at the idea of a random home video gone viral.

Corning Glass created the viral success “A Day Made of Glass” with innovative visual effects showing just how much they contribute to modern living. It’s set with driving music to carry the idea forward.

Another tip is to set tone with Music. Music powerfully moves emotions and can tell a story all on it’s own with a photo slide show or silent video. GMC created a phenomenal ad that weaves music with photography to create an emotional experience of trust for the brand. Brilliant work. I wanted to bale hay at the break of dawn just watching this. And I’m a city girl.

Which one’s your favorite? Any you’d like to add?