What do other people have to say about your Social Media branding?

Do they know who you are professionally?  Do they know what you do and what unique things you bring to the table that nobody else has to offer?

If you’re unhappy with the answers to these questions then it’s time to do something different.  Odds are terrific that you’ve been giving them a plain vanilla version of you instead of letting them see a little more about who you really are and what makes you tick.

Social Media is a revolutionary, here to stay medium that either terrifies or intrigues people.

I’m in love with it because it puts the power of visual and written communication back into the hands of people like you and me, who are free to choose how we will live our lives online and ultimately brand ourselves.  I like to tell the truth.

But there’s nothing more shocking than telling a vital truth sometimes, so here’s fair warning that

you might experience eye-opening jolts

from time to time.  But they’ll always for the purpose of saving you time, trouble, heartbreak, and money in your Social Media ventures, especially marketing.  And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Bonus Fun:

In case you aren’t familiar with the Hans Christian Anderson’s famous story about transparency, have a read!  The Emperor’s New Suit.