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What does Uniform Connectedness mean and why talk about it?

Uniform connectedness basically means that when we see a bunch of items colored or shaped the same way, our brains say “Oh! They GO together!” even if they’re very different.

Back in 2000 I owned and ran a specialty boutique store known for having things NOBODY had in my part of the United States.

pink dirty girl bath spray packaging- how to sell your art online courseI got to shop at the world’s biggest wholesale markets and learn how retail works in great detail. Every successful line has a unified look and story to go with it. For example, the Dirty Girl Soap line won awards for their clever and distinctive branding. Now they’re just a package design and soap junkie’s fond memory (that would be me).

Consider fashion week.

Every designer has a theme they’re working with, even if it’s bringing back Mom jeansa disturbing idea, to my mind.

So when you want to SHOW your visitors that you have several pieces that go together, group them and give them a unified, though distinctive look. Like my blog posts of late. Each one is different, yet it has consistent unifying elements that tie it to my site’s overall look.

I hope this helps! Please scroll down to the comments section and tell me what else you’d like to learn about in the area of online influence and positive attention.


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