This morning it happened again…

While chatting on Twitter with people I follow, a not-to-be-named guy and I had an alarming discussion:

Me: What’s on your agenda today?

Him: Creating awesome and Rockin

Me: Sounds good! What kind? 🙂

Him: Content and engagement my friend.

Me: ?!??Vintage Pepto Bismol Ad

Would it surprise you to learn that he’s a professional Social Media consultant? I had to pop a Pepto and recover.

This “Dazzle the Dullards!” approach isn’t new, but it’s truly insulting… and ineffective.

Really connecting with people and making long distance friends via social media is a lot like falling in love. It’s terribly hard to exactly define, but you just know when it’s happening.

Social Media is the most personal medium possible without being face to face. It’s easy to forget that a lot gets lost in translation when we’re entering information into a faceless electronic device.

Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Personalizing Your Posts:

Use a little imagination to picture actual people you respect and like on the other end of these electronic devices… and some emotion. If you can’t muster this up easily then use it as a cue to refocus your message until you’re energized with it and can carry that across these packets and pixels we rely on so much to communicate.

What do you think? Have I left anything out here?