snoopy happy dancePutting together a fresh, useful design always makes me happy.

A few reasons why ~

  • Creating cool looking stuff is satisfying.
  • Styling my clients’ sites for Social Media is good business for both of us.

But the real clincher for me is helping people.

I guess I’m kinda going public with this, but my first “career” was in ministry. I have a degree in Theology and was a popular speaker for special events around the country and abroad occasionally.  Times change. I’m by no means religious anymore, but I have always and still love helping people.

Now it’s helping people to successfully launch their businesses, books, and new ventures via Social Media Savvy WordPress sites and Facebook Page designs.

This week I’m putting the finishing touches on a couple of projects that are particularly exciting:

  • One project comes out of a severely economically depressed region in the U.S. and the site’s owner, Keri Jaehnig, is a powerhouse for both nonprofits and local businesses with her Social Media expertise. She has a huge opportunity for national exposure next week that just arose, so you can bet I’m kicking it into overdrive so that she can have everything just the way she wants it before then, so that she can GET SEEN nationally!!  😀 (More in another post when we do the grand “reveal”)
  • The other big project this week is for one of my new favorite authors, a former Jesuit Priest named Eugene Bianchi. He honored me by sending me the first chapter of his Memoirs, which are being released by the publisher next week. He has special events planned, as well as some print media coverage that’s coming together for next week, so you can bet I’m all excited about getting his project up and out there for the world to see (and link to) via print and online. (You guessed it! I’ll post when it’s ready to see and we’ll be featuring the first chapter of his new book. It’s a heartwarming and intriguing journey.)

Getting these projects up and publicizing them to my thousands of readers makes me a very grateful and happy girl. It’s a way to give that feels phenomenal, because it’s so useful.  Enjoying better business feels good and doesn’t hurt in this modern economy.

What about your kind of work makes you do the Happy Dance?