Shocked Man
You did what?!

Movies are the most amazing source of inspiration for me.

Today as I was giving a complimentary Pinterest teleconference it really came home to me that the most important thing you can do as an Entrepreneur is to do what WORKS.

Do what feels good to you and what people are responding to.

Quit trying to to or be something that feels as stale and boring as eating breadcrumbs for dinner.

In this delightful film clip, substitute Nick Cage’s famous “Now get in my BED” for “Now get on with it!” and my advice for you is the same.

We aren’t here to make things perfect. As far as I’m concerned, we’re here to make things magic by throwing our love and hearts into it.

Go where you’re drawn and do what feels good to you. The rest (success, money, etc.) will come.

Get In My Bed
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