BlogWorld Expo was hugely enjoyable and useful.

I got to meet people in person whom I’d only known online as well as to see treasured friends face to face once more. Meeting new, very cool and interesting people was my favorite part.

Dave Cynkin, Rick Calvert, founders and grand poo-bahs of BlogWorld, are personable, fascinating people who know how to genuinely connect, as is Deb Ng, BlogWorld Conference Director. The conference itself was extremely well run and informative. Each session was recorded, a lucky break for us speakers, complimentary spring water was provided in the back of every room, signage was done very clearly, and the even the chairs were cushy. From an organizational standpoint it functioned even better than South by Southwest.

I learned a lot of new information about Blog Monetization strategies,

how to spot and create viral memes, write a better bio, and much more that I’m writing up for my friends Jesse Stanchak and Emily Molinar at SmartBrief. As soon as these stories publish I’ll share some background info and a link so you can get the most useful stuff from the sessions I attended.

Some background conversations were most rewarding of all. New friends Janice Croze, Kelby Carr, Heather Solos, and Cecily Kellogg are transforming Mommy Blogging into distinct, important niches with intelligent, useful, entertaining messages that inspire. Mommy blogger-to-be,  Michele Mattia, my “sister from another mister,” introduced me to an exciting, accomplished authors group including Joanne Tombrakos, Jennifer Wilkov, and Lena Hanson, who have talked me into getting my book on growing your brand influence via social media written already.

Wendy Piersall and Amy Parmenter deserve special mention because they both have the most amazing positive energy and smarts.

I’m delighted to call them my friends. Amy kindly took pictures of me while I was speaking and Wendy and I have more in common that either of us could have possibly imagined. Truly sisters from another mister!!

After the now famous final keynote

I got to hang out with Podcasting thought leaders Rob Walch and Louis Trapani, as well as all around smart social media business guys Paul Colligan and Travis Mottet. They all told fascinating stories and were terrific company.

There’s much more to tell, but I have to say that I loved getting to see Tumblr genius Justin Stone-Diaz again. He has a knack for discovering just how far the rabbit hole you can go with a new social technology. A very valuable friend indeed!!

Things learned:

  • You can never pack enough Dr. Scholl’s supplies when you wear ladies shoes.
  • Clear zip lock bags for organize business cards are wonderful for follow up. (i.e. this session, that party, etc.)
  • The genuine positive energy you give to people means everything.
  • People in NYC are a lot nicer than you think.
  • Next time I’m packing my own wi-fi. All trade shows can have iffy coverage from time to time.
  • It’s essential to break the cookie cutter stuff in order to grow.

What needs to happen for you at a Trade Show in order to justify the cost and time away from home? What are some of your best/worst experiences? And I just have to ask… Who’s going to BlogWorld in LA this November?