A “Tail” of Reputation Building

So now we finally get to talk about something truly important, for once.

With Merman Sven and Knitting Badassery occupying all of our time I’m only just now getting to the thing we started a few posts ago!

Of course, I want to talk about Mermaid Tail Patterns!

Cute Kid on Pinterest wearing a pink and lavender knitted mermaid tail

Keep up, will you?

Mermaid Tail Patterns have everything to do with building a Reputation online, because they’re emblematic of the very same process!

Step 1) You get an insane urge, a thrill, an undeniable urge to create a mermaid tail for yourself or some lucky loved one.

Step 2) You look through patterns, strategies if you will, to determine which one will get your the desired result. Example: do you want a long, graceful, fan-like tail like this one pictured? Are you more interested in knitting one for your needy Pug? If so, it’s going to need to be wide and short, with a little stubby tail, just like his. Reputation building is the same. Decide where you want to go first and then create strategy accordingly.

Step 3) You sit down and knit the thing! For somebody at my skill level *cough*, this would take months. I know accomplished people who could finish this in a few short weeks while working full time and having a social life. In Reputation building, this is the part where you put your heart into it and really make it happen.

Does this help to paint a better picture of what Reputation Building is about online?

What? You want the pattern? Have you been listening? OK, I want one too, to be honest. Here’s Ravelry.com, my resource for all things knitted (and in this case, crocheted). Have fun and share your pics, please!!

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