Sweet and Irresistable arrangement of chocolatesEvery blogger wants their content to be deliciously memorable beyond the 20 seconds it took to read, right?

I mean, we don’t invest our time, expertise, energy, and money into a blogging venture simply to have our thoughts forgotten right away as visitors chase another white rabbit.

One proven tactic you can use is called:

The Serial Position Effect.

You’ll understand what I mean in less than a minute. It sounds fancy, but the serial position effect means that if you see an arrangement of:

  • things
  • people
  • pictures
  • written ideas
  • products
  • check boxes
  • choices

Odds are good you’re going to remember the first or the last one. Items in the middle get lost even if they’re the most valuable.

Remember, place the most important thing about your post first or last and people will remember it.

What kinds of posts do you enjoy/remember the best? Please let us know what you think with a comment below.

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Photo credit: Fallenangel1224

The White Rabbit by Fallenangel1224