I have decided that whenever life flings dung in front of me, I’m going to pull on some rubber boots and use that stuff for traction to climb up to something better.

Pull 'em on!

Why take the time and trouble to clear it away, when the lessons learned from it can serve as stepping stones to get me to something much better?

If you will, visualize a big mountain of, well, you know – dung. And instead of trying to clear it away every time a new dropping appears in front of you, you pull on your rubber boots and use it to step up to a better place. Eventually, the disappointments you climbed over turn into fertile ground for flowers, vegetables, and even trees.

Meanwhile, you’re making the most of the situation and not letting it get you down.

No more wasting time over-analyzing. Sh*t happens. Learn from it and charge forward into what makes you happy. Eventually, things work out and you realize you’ve grown.

Excuse me, I’ve got some rubber boots to pull on!!