Yesterday a new client asked me if I could do something new for her.  Of course I said yes!

It looked deceptive enough. She’s a very prominent Real Estate Associate Broker in the Athens Ga area and she’s just listed a stunning Colonial Revival home sitting on 2 acres in a very desirable part of town – Five Points.  So she had a photographer take nice pics of the property and asked me to create a nice stylish slideshow and convert it into video so that she can promote it on YouTube.

Piece of cake, right?  Hmm …   Well …   Uh …  Just for the unwary, iMovie turns out to be a very sassy, very interesting, beguiling little app that is not good at all for making slide shows that you want to be proud of.  The colors get all mixed up and it starts blinking – and not just during transitions!

After doing a hefty bit of research I tried Photo to Movie.  No love there.  It died repeatedly on my iMac and I kept having to re-create my project their style, which was becoming increasingly easier, but you get the picture.

Next it was Quicktime Pro. Sounded all fantastic except that it only works for a prior version of Quicktime.  If you updated like I have already, it’s obsolete…  No new versions yet.

So then, finally, great little application called Apimac Slideshow.  It’s deceptively easy to use, except that you have to be very careful to name your files sequentially, and I don’t mean as in normal 1,2,3 … style.   Remember that computers don’t think like we do and they think that the number 2 follows the number 19.  I kid you not.  So you have to be very careful about how you order your files because there’s no way to rearrange them once you import a file.

All in all, what my Dear Fiance – Super Geek Extraordinaire told me is really, like REALLY true: the more user friendly a program is the more unreliably it tends to run.  Goody gum-drops –

My best advice for Mac users who want to create a quality slideshow into video format is to pony up the $49 for Apimac and to get it over with. And no, they don’t cut me in on anything if you decide to try it! I just like sharing what works.

Sparing my readers heartburn one day at a time, or something like that makes me happy.