After taking the courses, reading the research, interviewing prominent pros and finally writing Chapter 6 for Online Reputation Management for Dummies (publishes in September!) I can safely say that I’ve been wrong about some things.

With all the talk saying “Content is King”

leaving money on the table
Grow your business faster with better SEO.

I didn’t even really do much SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keyword research when I embarked on Social Media Design. I’m proud to say that I’ve been holding down the number one spot in Google’s rankings for well over a year in that category, but it was mostly from having a great name at great time and from getting to write content for some pretty serious heavy hitters like Social Media Examiner, SmartBrief, and BlogWorld, though I’ve been quoted in Huffington Post and in YMCA’s magazine, among other places.

Believe it or not, I’m very attuned to my gut instincts and tend to follow them. That’s my excuse for getting it right with that. Now I have some actual, geeky facts to share so that you can have a process to do the same thing every time!

Is it brag week? Not really, but you’re welcome to add yours down below in the comments section if you feel one coming on. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sharing this because I was unconsciously leaving money on the table. You might be too, since very few brands actually do their SEO keyword research before spreading their wings online. Who knows about that stuff when they’re just beginning? Don’t sweat it if you haven’t, but please check out the following:

There are 3 major parts to boosting your SEO:

  • Your site’s architecture
  • Links (the bigger the sites the better!)
  • Keywords

If you’re interested in a series or class on this powerful topic, I’ll be glad to de-geek it for you and get you on the road to more money, more traffic, and (let’s face it) more fun! Please just scroll down to the comments and give me a virtual hand raise. Share this with your audiences if you’re seriously interested, because I won’t do it for less than 50 hand waves! This beta version would be complimentary, but afterall. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You get lots of great information in exchange for helping me to work out the bugs in a future paid course.

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