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Your Google+ Introduction Page

One of the most unusual and totally cool features of Google+ so far is the Introduction section. You can make it into a page if you want, complete with:

  • links to sites that are important to you
  • sections that describe you professionally and personally
  • the kinds of circles where you think you might fit
  • anything else you might wish to include, as long as it’s easy to skim


Google+ is not just your average social networking site. It’s run by Google, so they’re taking great pains to integrate your content into their search engines. Never forget that! The biggest difference between Google + and all the other networks is going to be all about SEO.

Some advantages are that you can:

  • Optimize your Introduction for people to see (Make sure it’s easy to skim and not spammy.)
  • Optimize for Search!! (Include those links and keywords.)

Your Homework:

Create your Introduction section and share it here or on Facebook. Yikes! I need to get to work on mine today too!

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