Raw and delicious
Raw and delicious

Hi there!

I just got done consulting with an online business owner who is really going places. 😀

I feel so excited getting to help her communicate what she has to offer, because the only way I work with people is to create a message that’s honest, congruent with who they really are right now, and just a little raw.

If you want polished and corporate, don’t try to build a following for yourself online unless you have an advertising budget as deep as the grand canyon or plenty of people willing to leverage their personalities and followings in order to build yours. It’s the truth.

If you want to bootstrap a business together that’s satisfying and rewarding, and would rather do it with as few bumps and bruises as possible, you’ve got to be just a little raw in order for people to believe you’re telling the truth.

Let’s talk about what raw, because I want to make sure we understand each other. 😉

Raw, in this context, means:

  • Being congruent with who you really are when people meet you at a conference or getting coffee around town
  • Being clear about what you do, which is a completely different discussion that we need to have
  • Being up front about why you’re doing it, including your dorky, pie-in-the-sky dreams about the change it will bring into the world, if you have them, or just sharing the rush you get from something deeply cool
  • Being candid about what you stand to gain from the experience

This is going to take some work. The happy news is that if you do this vital work up front, the rest will fall into place with a little savvy and the system I created in Online Reputation Management For Dummies. If you want it to be even easier and more straightforward (if you’re a small business) then check out my How To Sell Your Art Online Course.

If you want help in pulling your crystal clear message together or even just implementing the system in my book, so that you can get your brand seen far and wide and build a powerful social platform, please email me at lori @ lorirs (dot) com  for help. At the very least I’ll give you 15 minutes of my time and together we can figure out whether working me is a good fit for you or whether there’s somebody else I can refer you to for help in getting you where you want to go faster, easier, and while having more fun along the way than you think is decent. 🙂

Until then, keep it just a little raw!