Do you ever receive news so good that you want to wobble a little bit and pinch yourself to see if it’s real?

I feel that way today.

So much is going so right.

  • The air conditioning broke again this morning and will cost at least a thousand to fix.
  • My ex-husband (and great friend) just announced that he’s moving cross country this morning. I ache for the kids.
  • And especially given these circumstances, the kids are going to grouse if I order any more take-out. It’s time to grill up some home cooked love for them. (They have me trained.)

But the thing is I’m doing what I love AND getting organized with it, so the rest feels somehow under control, even though it’s so out of my control.

  • BlogHer announced that they’re featuring Social Media Design as their “Tech Blog of the Week!”
    BlogHer Featured Blog Badge
    Tech Blog of the Week

  • My well attended and received “Grow Your Blog Now Via Social Media” presentation wrap-up post for BlogWorld is being featured today on their site.
  • Tomorrow morning SmartBrief publishes my post on “4 Ways to Turn Mobile Users into Raving Fans.”
  • And most exciting of all, I’m being featured on Jennifer Wilkov’s Award-Winning “Your Book is Your Hook” radio show tomorrow morning!! Julia Cameron, a prolific creative and author whom I adore, has been featured on this same show. Her book [amazon_link id=”0330343580″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Artist’s Way[/amazon_link] inspired me to create Social Media Design. Makes me just feel joyful all over.

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