Often the best posts come from comments and questions.

Savvy PR Pro:

How do you approach bloggers that can help you with a PR campaign? Should you only reach out to those who you know? What is the etiquette?


Hi Susan!

You have just asked the million dollar question when it comes to attracting enthusiastic support from the blogging community. If I had a dime for every complaint I’ve heard from bloggers on this subject I could afford to take us to the beach for a week.

Here’s the skinny: It’s perfectly normal to email a blogger you’ve only just visited but don’t know personally. Every serious blogger has got to understand that when they put their work and opinions out there that a certain number of people are going to respond with PR related requests. I get tickled with some of the “I have no idea who you are or what you write about but will you promote this for me?” genre, but it’s not a huge concern.

Here are some proven tips to get you in the proverbial door:

– Communicate via email.
– Be personal if at all possible by checking out their site and seeing if it’s a good fit for your message.
– Use a friendly, respectful tone just like you did here. (You clearly don’t fit this demographic, but for the record some people write “PRESS RELEASE” in all caps in an attempt to allure…)
– Appeal to their curiosity and interest in breaking news with your message, rather than marketing so that they can feel ethical in their decision making.

I hope this starter list helps. Thanks for stopping by and please ask away if you have any more social media or blogging questions!

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