You can get a lot of attention and page views on your blog by talking about what’s HOT.

It’s true!

What happens then? Do potential clients come rushing to your door, begging you to help them with whatever the HOTNESS du jour is? Probably not. It’s just a temporary attention grabber that just might net you an email subscribe (soon to be unsubscribed next time you put out your newsletter) and some temporarily inflated numbers that might or might not impress a potential advertiser or book publisher.

Do I sound crabby? It’s not my intention.

I want to help you to get the clients you deserve whom you can really help.

The only way to achieve this is to write about what keeps you up at night. No, not your hubby, your professional passions!!

Only then can you ring the dinner bell and have people who are ready come to the table to see what you’re offering.

In Blogging, Passion trumps Fashion every time.

It also saves establishes your reputation online as somebody worth paying attention to.