How it all started

Ever since I got invited to present at BlogWorld in NYC on May 24th on “Grow Your Blog Now via Social Media,” I’ve been mentally chewing on how to really, genuinely help people build a supportive community around their message. I wanted to start it DURING my presentation so everybody there will be able to be a part of something that will give their blogs a huge jump start. It had to be fast. It had to be fun. It had to be REAL.

Thanks to my wonderful friends in Pages Gone Wild I’ve learned a LOT and have created a strategy that will give bloggers a huge jump start on getting their message out there. I firmly believe that since most bloggers quit within 2-3 months that the ones who persist have a lot of passion about their message in order to pour that much love and determination into it. These are the kinds of ideas that tend to make the world a better place. And I’m all for making the world a better, brighter place.

Because Pages Gone Wild was born out of an inspiration for my presentation at BlogWorld, I want to announce, here and now, my:

News: Blogging Jump Start Project

It will operate very differently and will be by invitation only. If you’d like an invitation please just sign up for my monthly Newsletter and when you do, add me to your contacts list so you don’t get missed. Just forward me something along the lines of “Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!” and I’ll send you an invitation to join us, along with instructions. This will be easy and at a much more leisurely pace than Pages Gone Wild. It will also be discreet.

And now…

Coming Home

To show you how wild Facebook Pages Gone Wild Spring Break 2011 was…

Social Media professionals describe some of their initial reservations (and then wild support!) very well:

Angela Crocker of Beachcomber Communications wrote “Should I Play Pages Gone Wild?”

Teresa Deak (Picsie Chick) of Social Butterfly Solutions wrote “Pages and Profiles and Likes, Oh My!”

Keri Jaenig of Idea Girl Media wrote “Social Networking Tip: Go Wild On Facebook!”

“Eureka” Janet Alexander wrote “Lori WHO~? Ohhh…HER…*wink~!”


Our Wall of Fame

I promised everyone who partied with us via Pages Gone Wild and liked everybody back that would get their name on this wall, this post that will go out to more than 100,000 people, with their pictures (because it’s fun) and links to their Facebook Pages. To do this fairly and accurately I’ve gone through all the recent likes for 10 pages from different categories who joined PGW at different times. Very few people showed up on every page and since they’re all women I’m calling it our “Smoking Hot” category of Spring Break honor. But since so many people really put themselves into it I just have to give honor where it’s due and create a “Pretty Dang Hot” category for Spring Breakers who all but liked every single Page. With 399 participants, that’s a lot of liking!!! People from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Germany, The U.K., The Netherlands, Canada, and Indonesia joined together to create a supportive community of Pages Gone Wild people and have found friends whom they resonate with that they might never would have met otherwise. That makes me feel so awesome!!!!!

Smoking Hot

Please just click on the pic to see who the hotties are and what their Facebook Pages are:


Pretty Dang Hot

Angela Crocker – Beachcomber Communications

Brandy Reed Orrange – Brandy Orange Business

Chad Clark – Athens, GA Area Community News

Chad Davis – Braking News

Claire Wagner – Wagner Writes

Deb Dykstra – Deborah’s Specialty Cakes

Elaine Biss – Elaine Biss | Fashionable Stationery

Emma Jayne Nicholson – Nicholson Social Media

Juan Felix – Mirror Yourself

Justin Stone-Diaz – koutoukas consulting

Karen Russell – How Mysterious

Peggy Herrman – Doc Peg Is IN

Tony Hastings – The Top 10 Blog

Vicki Jeffels – Digital Discussions

Wendy Hopkins  – Half Board With Lunch

Freaking Awesome

Everybody who joined in the fun and put so much love out there for each other. Yes, we got more “likes,” more attention from Facebook’s algorithms, more real FRIENDS, and maybe, just maybe, as Emma says, all our efforts combined forced Facebook to finally allow users to hide recent activity stories on their newsfeed and wall!!!

I  hope you’ve enjoyed this wild ride as much as I have. Animated Heart