Do you love Social Marketing but worry about how much time it’s taking from the rest of your day?

How is a modern business owner to DO it all and still have time for exercise, eating right, family, friends,and fun?!

Our lovely and talented Claire Wagner just commented on yesterday’s post, Arousing Marketing with a problem that lots of people face with Social Media Marketing.

Where do I find the time?!

She remarked

My challenge right now is learning more about Facebook marketing, and finding the time to do it all. I’m going to have to go back to all the Social Media Time Management blogs I’ve ever bookmarked on!

I’m going to share my secret weapon with you.  It’s something that pairs most magnificently with a personal passion for kitchen nostalgia AND hyper efficiency online!

It looks like this:

retro timer
I want this!!

Or this:

For the those days when only Hello Kitty will do

Or, God help me I want this one SO bad!!

Mickey Mouse timer

So I guess it’s somewhat clear now that I adore and fawn over cool kitchen timers.  I’d faint if you got me one for Christmas. Think I’m kidding?! I’ll post an online shrine for the most distinctive, cute, or retro ones and give thanks on a daily basis. I LOVE these things!

What’s not so obvious is that I use them to run my social media marketing.

I’ll set my light blue egg timer (with the chrome trim) for 5 or 10 minutes, depending on how long it’s been and how long I’ve got. Then I check Facebook and Twitter to my heart’s content, knowing that I can fully indulge, because there’s a set limit.  It’s like eating pre-packaged chocolate instead of making a batch of fudge.  There IS a limit.

I do this a few times a day.  Presto! I’m done and I haven’t squandered hours of productive work or family time.

I am a newlywed afterall! Creating free time is pretty important!

What tricks do YOU use to save time online? Do you struggle to connect on Facebook and Twitter without losing track of time? Please share!

And by the way, which one is your favorite? 😀

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