scared sh*tlessSometimes we curse ourselves for things we tried, were good at, and then found out weren’t making us happy.

How many times do we berate ourselves for that drive that keeps us up at night? For chasing the all encompassing, self-inflicted pleasure and pain of piecing together new puzzles?

Sometimes we go in a direction for a time, knowing it needs to change, but feeling powerless to take the required steps that will produce our freedom and the joie de vivre that comes from taking on something new because we hunger for the challenge.

The thing that holds us up oftentimes is the self loathing for having outgrown some work, some relationship, some daily pattern of living. We beat ourselves up for “being stupid” because we tried something and it ultimately didn’t seem to take us where we wanted to be. If only you’d played it safe, never taken that road, been “normal” and “smart,” none of this growing pain would have ever happened. Everybody else has figured out how to be happy and settled but you. Is that right?


If you never grow beyond going to work everyday, plopping down on the sofa to watch the same TV shows, and doing the same things with the same people all the time I have envied you more than I can say at times. I wanted to be that steady, content, peaceful person like my 96 year old maternal Grandma, who is delightfully healthy because she eats, exercises, and takes her vitamins at regular intervals every single day.

I must have taken after my Dad’s side of the family in more than looks. His family is full of colorful adventurers. There’s nothing more exciting to me than having a new place to see, smell, experience. I love the wind in my hair as I boldly flounder where this woman has never gone before. boldly floundering

Sometimes you achieve success beyond your wildest dreams and help amazing people who will never forget you. Sometimes it doesn’t go all “postcard” and there are delays, inconveniences, struggles, and outright heartbreaks to our plans as entrepreneurs. It’s easy to blame ourselves for not seeing ahead well enough to avoid the pain, but I believe it’s that forward momentum that keeps us alive and strong. It’s in our Entrepreneurial DNA.

Be strong. Keep moving, even when you’re scared sh*tless. I’m right there with you! Together, I believe we can overcome the urge to hide when life entices us with the promise of a deliciously energizing challenge.

Are you feeling the urge to hide when all you really want to do is to launch forward with some new move in your life? Please scroll down and share what you want and what you’re going to do today to make it happen.



keep moving