This weekend I finished up Tell to Win by Peter Gruber and adore it. I’m a diehard Geek for studying human communication and want to share the most brilliant management advice I’ve ever heard in my life.

Many years ago the author met Jack Warner, legendary founder of Warner Brothers Studios. When Jack asked Peter how work was, being the CEO for Columbia Studios, Peter confided

“It’s like a tidal wave. People just keep coming into my office with one problem after the other. It never ends.”

“Warner said, ‘Let me tell you a story. Don’t be confused. You’re only renting that office. You don’t own it. It’s a zoo.  You’re the zookeeper, and every single person that comes in the office comes with a monkey. That monkey is their problem. They’re trying to leave it with you. Your job is to discover where the monkey is. They’ll hide it, or dress it up, but remember you’re the zookeeper. You’ve got to keep the place clean. So make sure when you walk them to the door, they’ve got their monkey by the hand. Don’t let them leave without it. Don’t let them come back until it’s trained and they have solutions to their problem. Otherwise at the end of the day, you’ll have an office full of screaming, jumping animals and monkey shit all over the floor.”

“Then he said, ‘Think of that visually. Make them take all their monkey problems away and come back with a solution.”

I love this guy’s story!! Ever feel like him?