Bully Hill Love The Goat Wine LabelIt was a magical end to an already powerful and affirming reading.

I got to see and understand this amazing person who entrusted me with her chart, how it’s working out for her so far, and she received total affirmation for her deepest inclinations and situations. She said she felt deeply seen and heard, even in situations that have been not so easy.

I always want a narrative, something easy to remember that ties it all up with a bow. If you’ve never had an intuitive astrological reading done for you before, it can feel like some kind of oracular buckshot (is this a term? It should be.) In all fairness it can be hard to incorporate a chart reading into something practical because there’s just SO MUCH information!

I always want to provide my guests with a narrative, some kind of theme or way to style our time together into a truthful, loving, practical takeaway.

The audio recording and written interpretation are for later, deeper study while relaxing.

Towards end of our time together, after much interpretation and, at times, celebration, we got to the subject of Saturn. It’s traditionally the planet of limitation, hard lessons, and a lot of other stuff that makes most people wince a bit. My guest lit up like a Christmas tree when I suggested that daily routines and rituals would make her especially satisfied, secure, happier over time. It’s her sacred space.

The following is a story from the Wild West that I first heard from a leading Astrologer friend named Caroline Casey. It was a most delightful, memorable end to our time together. I hope you enjoy it as much as we are:

Once upon a time, out in the Wild, Wild West, there were horse races. And the people who owned and raced horses soon discovered that race horses can have high strung temperaments. They need a sense of security. A little, comfort buddy, even. The owners would give often the racehorse a sweet little goat for a companion the way we get children (or our inner child) a kitten or a puppy. The horse and the goat would eat together, hang out together, bed down together. It was sweet, reassuring, “stable.” 😉

Sometimes, on the night before a big horse race, bad guys would sneak into this “stable” situation and steal the sweet goat from it’s horse friend. You can imagine the sadness, the stress, the ungrounded, anxious, state that the horse would be in, torn from his best friend in the world. Ordinarily, the horse would lose at the races the next day. Owners would probably get the horse a new goat, but it wouldn’t be the same for a period of time, if ever.

This is a lot like what happens when we allow somebody or some situation to:

Get Our Goat

The trick is to hold on, to stay “stable,” grounded, and

stay present with ourselves during challenging times.

What about you? Do you have any tips or stories that help to stay grounded during tumultuous times? Please scroll down and share!

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P.S. My guest told me one of her favorite wines is called “Love Your Goat” from Bully Hill winery!!