Please don’t feel bad if you’ve also been tricked by Scammers on Facebook…

Just last week  The Huffington Post posted a comprehensive post about Facebook’s “Fake Friends.”  They interviewed me for this article and included this quote:

“It’s happened to everyone I know that is credible and making a living doing social media,” said Lori Randall Stradtman, the founder of Social Media Design.

For more information, please see Bianca Bosker’s well written and researched article.

Just this weekend, however, a new threat on Facebook has come to light!

Some people are getting Chat requests from people who aren’t their friends on Facebook. They’re typically posing as Eastern European Hotties who “are lonely.” LOL

Have you seen anything like this lately? I’d really like to know for research towards a new post on how to avoid this intrusion and potential threat.

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Thanks a bunch!


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