Speaking of all things Merfolk…

We were, weren’t we?

Last time we chatted about Merman Sven’s saucy little romp with all things Merfolk and he is making quite a splash online!

Today I want to talk about Mermaids and the animated, exciting world of knitting online.

Wait… Did I lose you? You don’t think knitters have a sense of humor?

If so, then you haven’t gotten yourself to a local yarn store and hung out while a bunch of people are knitting! Honestly! Last week I was in my local haunt and a college student was finishing up the most outrageously colorful and complicated cardigan I’ve ever seen in my life! She says she does it for sanity and it definitely seems to be working. She’s stunning, rocks a scholarship-worthy GPA, and has healthy sense of humor.

She’s part of a global KAL (knit along together) by a famous-in-knitting-circles guy named Stephen West who announces a different section of his Mystery Knit Along every week to his global audience.

Stephen West MKAL_7_medium2

“Join the Ravelry group here.

Use #SpeckleandPopMKAL #westknitsMKAL2017 for posts on Instagram.”

Not only is West rocking the planet in the realm of bad-ass knitting patterns (yes, there really is such a thing), but he’s a case study in hitting a trend strong and making it 100% his OWN. He’s appealing to masses of eager, adventurous knitters who have gone online to explore and share their passion. And [clickToTweet tweet=”he’s appealing to those adorable, machine learning search engines with his tagging and lively discussions/shares” quote=”he’s appealing to those adorable, machine learning search engines with his tagging and lively discussions/shares”]

It definitely appears that in the world of bad-ass knitting (and Reputation Building) that West does it best!

Do you have any nominations for people doing a GREAT job at having fun with a trend and making it their own? Please share!

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