Want a wildfire, unstoppable word of mouth campaign for your business?

Get some savvy Social Media branding and strategy!  Local networking is crucial, but nothing broadcasts your brand like Social Media.  Did I mention that it’s mostly free so far?  As soon as somebody figures out a way to monetize it, we may all be looking back at these days and wishing we’d done more while it was still so easy to get launched.

If you’re serious about getting your business booming, get some help with your branding and get seriously started with Social Media!

This afternoon I met with a local Dance Studio owner who’s been referring me lots of business! I wanted to take her to lunch to thank her and to see what else I could do to return her kindness.  As we chatted, she related how her business has taken off mostly through word of mouth.  When I told her about Social Media as electronic, wildfire word of mouth, she understood how much more powerful word of mouth is when we can tell hundreds or even thousands of people about what we like with the click of a mouse.   This is what I mean about Jaw Dropping Word of Mouth.  We worked through some strategy and she’s already taking this and running with it!!  Her return on investment (time spent, no money) will be stunning.

This dates me, but I asked her if she remembered seeing the old Faberge Organic shampoo ad, which explains wildfire, unstoppable word of mouth perfectly! “I told two friends.  And they told two friends.  And so on, and so on, and so on…..”  OK, am I alone here or do you remember this ad too? 😀