What is it about these silly iPhones that so many of us find so captivating?

The new iPhone 4 comes out tomorrow morning.  People will be lining up, camping out, and scheming for ways to get this new phone into their lives.  I want one, too, but seem to be able to restrain my enthusiasm to a manageable degree.  *snort*

Let’s take a little look at what’s so beguiling about this new phone to a Social Media marketing strategist and web designer.

New features? Meh, liked the old ones just fine.  New games? Meh, almost never play games on iPhone.  New in depth features that only the truly geekly may aspire to?  Meh, I’m happy to be just an ordinary user who digs her iPhone because it gives me what I need:

– A phone (let’s not forget this little tidbit)

– Contacts that instantly merge with my desktop’s (via MobileMe)

– Calendar appointments that instantly sync

– A great camera that can capture wonderful moments

– A great video camera that I can use to make video blog posts without cutting off my nose or worse. (like having a Flip camera built right into your phone!!!)

– Texting (SMS) and sending pictures via text (MMS)

– Facebook updates via mobile device

– All the great apps like HootSuite and TwitPic that enable me to update on the run, saving lots of time

– The capability for video conferencing and SO MUCH MORE!!!

I’m waiting for the day when I can create Fan Page updates via mobile. Anybody know that little trick? Prizes and good karma will be awarded! 😀

What’s your mobile device of choice and why do you love (or NOT love) about it?

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