I love Social Media. Always Fresh. Always Interesting.

Just this morning Sophos, one of my favorite Pages, posted this on Facebook:

Can you help? The Huffington Post is working on a story about the rise in spam via fraudulent accounts that “friend” legitimate users.

If you’ve had problems arriving from accepting friend requests from unknown accounts, especially if they turned out to be spammers, and would be happy to speak to the Huffington Post, let us know!

Since this happens to me every day, I responded and ended up participating in an interview about fake friend spammers.

The more I think about it the broader this topic becomes!

There are so many different possible categories for “friend spamming,” I guess, but this is the most common scenario that I experience:

As a Social Media professional, I like to use Facebook for professional networking and sharing a laugh, as well as for college buddies and close friends. Nearly every day people who look interesting/appealing and have several friends in common with me will invite me to connect. After a day or maybe even a week, my personal message inbox might receive something like this:

“Explode Your Social Media ROI with My Top Secrets” Webinar!!!

It often begins with something like “Dear Special Friend.”  Seriously?! It’s a little bit of an exaggeration coming from a brand new acquaintance?  When this happens, I almost always defriend this new “friend” unless they appear to be new with Social Media and made an honest mistake.  Goodness knows I’ve made lots of them and continue to stumble along sometimes though this massive learning curve on a the continually moving target that is Social Media. Typically though, people who are on the up and up  don’t use such spammy titles!

What kinds of “friend spam” do you experience on Facebook? Which kind bugs you the most?

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