HyperAlerts logoDo you have a Facebook Fan Page?

If you do and you’re like me (God help you) then you probably find yourself checking in on your Page more often then is strictly necessary because you don’t want to ignore anybody’s conversation on there.

Or you want to clean off spam, such as the dramatic display of Eastern European “hotties” invading my Page cruising for “nice guys who are looking for a friend,” that happened over the Holidays. *sigh*  You’ve got to know it was a phishing scam anyhow, but *ick!*

Over the past month Claire Wager of WagnerWrites and I discovered and have been using HyperAlerts. I’m thrilled to report that it’s working without a hitch.

Game to give it a try? Please let us know what your experiences with it are or if you learn any new tricks that you’re willing to share!

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