Quest VisualQuest Visual: What they did right

Which hooks your interest better?

This video:

Or this (sample) written description:

“really cool free app that lets you read road signs with an iPhone, but you can go from English to German or German to Spanish and you can change the settings and you really do just hold the camera up and it translates the image right there while you’re holding it up, is readable for real, and looks good.”

These people did a brilliant communication job because it’s:

  • A simple message
  • Substitutes a bunch of words for a powerfully simple, effective visual demonstration
  • Gives you a place to go for more detailed information

I couldn’t download this free application fast enough and couldn’t wait to play with it. Lots of the features are for pay, so it’s a bit misleading in my opinion, but

And no, there’s no affiliate action here.  I just love how they chose to present themselves via video and think it’s really smart. 😉