Happy New Year Sweepstakes Banner for Social Media Design

Oh my! Running a sweepstakes is not for the faint of heart! What was I thinking?!

Now I’ve off and pledged $1000 in design services to a Grand Prize winner, to be announced on January 7th.

Want to run a sweepstakes?

Here’s my best advice:

Hire somebody to do it for you who’s done it before.

There’s a lot of detail and important decision making that needs to happen with every step of the way.ย  After all, you should be giving away something valuable that lots of people will want very badly. I’m crazy enough to want to do it myself, because I can see where this will be awfully handy for clients in the future. So, once again, as Claire Wagner would put it, I’m being an “Active Experimenter.” Sounds a lot nicer than “Nut,” doesn’t it?

Make Grand Prize description crystal clear.

I almost called it $1000 for 1000 Fans, (because I’m all excited about getting 1000 Facebook Fan Page fans in 6 months without a mailing list or buying ads), and I think it sounds cute, but hubby reminded me that some people might construe this as a $1000 giveaway to every one of our 1000 fans that day. Hmm, the boy has a point… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Make your Rules crystal clear.

So far so good with our Sweepstakes, but lots of people aren’t tweeting the message, which is part of the spelled out list of requirements to qualify. I know everybody who enters wants to win and not telling anybody else ups your chances, but it’s got to be done or else I’m having a contest for no reason!

If you have any suggestions to get people to follow through on this feature I’m all ears. Mentioning it here ought to help, as subscribing to this blog is one of the other requirements! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get custom graphics.

Canned material online has about as much appeal as canned food at home.ย  It’ll serve the need, but not joyously.ย  You want to INSPIRE.

Personally ask your friends to tell their other friends.

Nothing will ever beat personal interaction. Nothing. Nada. Never. We’re community creatures and we want to connect with people on a human level. So you’re going to need to roll up your proverbial sleeves, use your best manners, and ask real nice if people will help to spread the word. Once.

There, I said it with a smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

In my Rules section I also added a provision disqualifying anybody emailing me directly to ask to be the winner.

It just makes life simple! You certainly won’t be kicking yourself because you avoided getting 100 emails every day asking you to pick them! Besides, Wildfire, the service I used, picks the winner for me, which is a huge relief!

Use a Facebook Compliant Service

So far, the only one I’m aware of is Wildfire, so it’s the one I used. It really did integrate well with Facebook and is easy to change even once the sweepstakes has been launched, which makes me crazy with joy.

Added Christmas lights this afternoon in a fit of Sweepstakes mania.

And after all this?!

Grab a glass of wine, chill out, get a good night’s sleep, and then check it through one more time in the morning before you commit to starting the campaign!

Got questions? Let’s hear ’em! I’ll try to have answers! ๐Ÿ™‚

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