This is the post most of you have been dying to share with all your politically opinionated friends who have been clogging up the airwaves on Facebook.

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Anthonly Quinn as Attila The Hun
Not such a Cutie

That *insert political candidate here* is Attila the Hun.

You know that he/she’s going to destroy the world as we know it in record time and everybody knows it who’s smart and open minded enough to look at the facts properly. You feel compelled to broadcast this vital news to everybody you can reach on Facebook so that they, too, will see the light and vote the way you do. In reality, you’re probably chasing them away from your candidate! 

By being negative, you’re actually empowering this “Attila the Hun” publicity to ransack and pillage your online reputation before you realize what has happened. This is especially important after the election, because anything harsh you say will either sound like bragging or whining. Neither option is going to win you the kind of attention you want online. You get what you give online.

Here’s why you need to keep your words short and sweet concerning politics:

  • Online and TV pundits make a name for themselves by being snarky, opinionated, harsh, and by interrupting more than 40 times a minute. They work out to build up to those kind of impressive numbers! I hear it’s harder than you think to rant without listening so that you can pound in a quickie sound byte that will be forgotten immediately because people are so turned off. But I digress! 😉 This doesn’t work for normal people looking to build their brand’s reputation online. Why are you online?
  • Unless you’re aiming to be a sensational pundit, these tactics only serve to alienate you from regular folks. Don’t you want to have friendships with and do business with regular folks? I do!
  • Being harsh and opinionated is only influential on the weak minded/willed. Most of us have our opinions, even though we keep them to ourselves. “Yelling” isn’t more more convincing. It just alienates people. If you want to persuade people to vote your way, be kind and share short, positive things.
  • While you’re doing what you believe is the right thing by railing against Attila, your online reputation is suffering. Very few people, except those who agree with you, will stick around for that kind of negativity. Do what you think is right by being a beacon of light, not a harbinger of doom!

If you’re online because you want to expand your business beyond the town you live in, you’ve got to be conscious about what kind of flavor you’re using for social influence. Keep those political messages short and sweet. They’ll be more tasty later if you find you have to eat your words.

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