I see you hiding there 😉

🌞Sunny Opportunity⁣

The Sun glides into Pisces, the last house of the zodiac today. ⁣

Some feelings this month for spiritual business owners might include SHYNESS, dreamy escapism, or worse, self-pity. Yet there’s also risk-taking mojo and access to potent, positive imagination.⁣



“Why? Why oh why,” you might ask, must I put this beautiful spiritual practice I use to help, heal, and guide people ONLINE of all places? Isn’t that a little obscene? What if there are bullies, weirdos, or otherwise unsavory folk who bother me? Will it even work? I’m a loner, not a social butterfly till you get me started on something I love.” ⁣

The fish is the astrological symbol for Pisces. It’s pictured as a double figure seen to swim in either direction. This represents the ultimate Piscean choice; either to be strong and overcome weakness inherent in your sensitive nature, or to become the victim of this acute vulnerability. We will feel it most directly from today, February 19th, to March 20 at 5:58 pm EST (if we’re going to be picky.)⁣


In your own chart, check where Zero degrees of Pisces is located and there you will find the area in life where this is likely to be especially true.⁣

A Fresh Layer of “Can-Do:”⁣

Just 2 days ago, after a 7 year stint in Pisces, Chiron (commonly referred to as the Wounded Healer) freshly entered into the sign of divinely masculine Aries. Right now is an extraordinarily potent time to decide how we want to move forward into the world, commit to a course of action, and see it through.  ⁣

I hope there’s something here for you!

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