Arya Stark killing Walder Frey
Arya Stark killing Walder Frey

What can HBO do to work with the outcry from disappointed fans?

Many are saying that after all the time and money they’ve invested into Season 8 of Games of Thrones, that this could be the end for HBO. Did we ever even dream we’d hear these words? At least until we watched some of the lackluster episodes?

I guarantee stonewalling them will only ratchet up the online discontent. 

They need to feel like their disgruntlement is being fully understood.

HBO needs to express a grip on why fans are let down (with empathy) before they can move through this successfully. 

Given their dramatic successes, I predict a creative series of communications is forthcoming. 👌🏻

What about you? What do you envision happening with HBO? Is their historic run on paid television at an end? I hope not.

Meanwhile, I’m cancelling my subscription!