Gutterballs all the way

Have you ever been Bowling?

It’s never been high on my list of things to do but I went recently to Ten Pins Tavern on friends and family night (did some site and marketing work for them) and experienced an entirely new appreciation for the game, when played while drinking beer with friends. It’s much more fun!

That night I scored a personal high score of 125, which makes me far from a killer at the game, but it means gutterballs didn’t outnumber actual pin hits, which makes me feel all warm and glowy.  In my happy haze I wasn’t paying as much attention to form (an ongoing mystery) as to keeping focused on that space next to the lovely center pin.

Here’s the surprise:

This week I went with hubby and some friends to Lucky Strike in New York City. What a blast!! I naively figured that my game would be mostly like last time, and was all excited about picking up a few tips and improving a little.

Not so much!

At least my bowling was consistent. It was gutter balls all the way! It didn’t bother me that much, but what if you have a blog site or social media campaign that’s throwing gutterballs?!

Right up until the end I focused on:

  • watching what others were doing in an attempt to try and learn some technique.
  • experimenting with these techniques
  • adjusting my speed of approach
  • throwing at different speeds

And can I tell you? It was STILL gutter balls all the way!

Not until the very last frame did I remember the thing that worked for me at Ten Pins a few weeks before.  It wasn’t physical technique.  That’s huge, but it’s not the ONLY thing.

It was FOCUS!!  In all the fun, games, great conversation, and yes, beer, I’d lost sight of that ever important kingpin.  Without focus on the final goal, I threw gutter balls all the way. We talked about it afterward and everybody said the same thing. It has SO much to do with focus!!

With it, I threw a Strike.

I believe the same thing applies to blogging and social media marketing.  By all means, get more quality technique! Read informative and inspiring posts, read worthwhile books by industry leaders that will move you ahead faster, but always, always keep your focus on your final goal, your kingpin, so that you don’t wander!

Please Share! What’s YOUR Kingpin?

Where’s your social media mojo? I’d really like to know!!

And because it’s fun, here’s a trailer from The Big Lebowski. Haven’t seen it yet, but have been told it’s a must.