Overheard: “Are you buzzing?  Why yes, I just had another cup of coffee.”

This isn’t the kind of Buzz that Google has to share, though they both have their charms.  Every day, it seems, another company releases a cool looking application for managing Social Media, or at least using Social Media, which is a little different.  Managing a Social Media campaign is like being the conductor of a symphony.  You have to have your eye on what’s going on in each section and orchestrate them so that they play in concert, instead of sounding like a herd of yowling cats.

Buzz is their alternative to Twitter, which is being could still be purchased by Microsoft, according to Steve Ballmer.  This alone got me thinking it’s time to buzz on over Google and look, at what they offer, and integrate it into my social media strategy.

Here’s a handy guide to getting started. If you follow me on Buzz (or anywhere online) I will most certainly follow you back.  🙂