butt-lungeHi there!

This morning Seth Godin wrote a fantastic post called “Embracing the upcycle instead of the downcycle”where he says that when in a failing situtaion,

“The appropriate response is not to try harder, to bear down and grind it out. The response that works is to understand the nature of the cycle and to change it from the start.”

Later, as I was driving my middle school son in to early band practice, it occurred to me that this thinking is a lot like using good form while working out. When you do lunges you shouldn’t ever let your knees go over your toes or else you’re asking for knee injuries over time, right?  I didn’t know this at first, and ground through a lot of lunges, got injured, and wondered why it wasn’t working for me. Finally somebody showed me how to do it properly and it made all the difference in the world.

The same thing applies to engaging social media.

Good form feels right and gets results.

It takes time and a lot of practice for most of us to figure out what it is about us that people will respond to online. I believe that special something has to come out of the best part of ourselves, and that’s different for every person, every brand.

We just keep showing up and experimenting, taking notes on what works and what falls flat for us. Inevitably, we progress, just like working out. Nobody transforms their fitness overnight, but over time good form prevails.

Let’s kick some butt then, shall we? 😉


What are your experiences with Good Form? What have some of your surprises been while sharing with people online?

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