I agonized for some time about how to title this post.

Here are some titles that didn’t make it:

  • Party Pooper Comments
  • Friday Jolt of Coffee – How Not to Comment Like a Wet Blanket
  • They just can’t be serious
  • Spammy Comments – Skunks at a Garden Party

You can see where I’m going with this now and if you’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, or you’re a Blogger I know you’ll sympathize. This one’s for all my buddies far and wide who contend with this problem but have been super polite on the subject and held back from saying what everybody’s thinking…

Spam is an evolving term that’s difficult to nail down, but it’s basically on online situation where somebody acts like a guest at a wedding reception that hands out business cards to everybody or someone at a family gathering who squelches friendly conversation with a political rant.  It’s out of place and ruins everybody’s fun.

Here are some examples:

  1. Responding to comments on somebody else’s post as if they wrote it.
  2. Commenting with something basically unrelated and then leaving their site address in hopes that people will hop right over because it’s so fascinating…
  3. Posting a lecture.
  4. Using popular people’s threads to get seen while not contributing anything funny or meaningful to the discussion.
  5. Treating Blog/Facebook comments like an Infomercial.

Ironically enough, I had to to leave the cafe where I began writing this because my train of thought started swimming… because the woman nearby got her phone and yakked so loudly that the rest of us with laptops squirmed for a few minutes, and then finally packed it up and left.

She was oblivious.

Poetic, isn’t it?

What do you suggest we do as an online community of friends when this sort of thing happens? Did I miss any examples? >:-}

Please scroll down and share your thoughts on this troubling trend.

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