fail-cats-we-shall-decideHi there!

They say Friday is the very best day to post on your blog.

If you have a blog and you only post one day a week, it should be on Friday. Friday morning. And then you should put it out on Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, AOL chat, Zingo, PingBack, and ZiggleMedia as soon as humanly possible.

So you can get that juice. The buzz. The EXPOSURE.

So I’m writing this post this morning in adherence to this unwritten, hugely written about code of conduct so that I may be in conformance with proper, professional blogging protocol.

Thank you very much for your observance of my adherence to this very important guideline and I just thought you might want to know about all that.

Now I’m off to redesign a logo.

What’s on your agenda today?

(besides adhering to good protocol and sound business practices, of course)