Almost a year ago I created my first, my personal, Facebook Fan Page. I’d resisted the pull, the allure, and enticement of Facebook algorithms no longer and plunged face first into the world of my own company’s Facebook Marketing.

It’s been an exciting, enjoyable year and now it’s time for me to give back by sponsoring this one and only, first ever

Pages Gone Wild, Spring Break 2011

Yes, it’s never been done before. Yes, it’s a little wild and reckless.

But I’m creating an event that will introduce your own Facebook Page to more people than ever before at one time unless you’ve bought a LOT of advertising!

This is free and fun.

Here’s how it works:

I’ve created an open Facebook Event called “Pages Gone Wild, Spring Break 2011.”

  1. Everybody shares a link to their Facebook Page.
  2. Everybody likes everybody else’s Page.
  3. On Friday, April 29th at 5:00 EST I verify who’s liked everybody on the Page.
  4. Monday morning I publish a huge “Pages Gone Wild, Spring Break 2011” post with everybody’s picture and a link to their Page.
  5. The post will go out to well over 100,000 people even if it doesn’t go viral.

Who says Spring Break is just for kids?! 

Shocked Man
You did what?!

Know anybody with a Band, a Book, or a Business that would like some free publicity and to make lots of new friends? Please share this.