For weeks I’m been musing over how I can create something that will help Facebook Page owners to really build those pages that make their hearts beat a little faster and make new friends. It was hard to figure out something that was thoroughly un-spammy, fair, and would just be great for everybody.

It came to me early yesterday morning as I was watching Man v. Food via Netflix yesterday morning over coffee. Don’t ask. It’s the way my fevered imagination works.

Research, mull, zone out… Presto!!

Click here to see where the madness began and where it’s going, because all this Facebook linkage is going to culminate into a HUGE post that gets shared with over 100,000 people.

I’m blown away by the frenzied response to Pages Gone Wild, Spring Break 2011

I also want to make things EASY

So I created this Page and will update it every day to add the newcomers. Please visit after you say Hello on the Event so people can see you and say “Hi.”


Here’s a link to the Page. Have fun!! This is truly the best way to build your Page and make new friends.Facebook Pages Gone Wild

Meanwhile, anybody got a cure for my budding case of carpal? 😉