Ever want to do something really captivating that won’t wait?  You’d prefer to wait until you’re somewhere private where you can collect your thoughts, but you’re out somewhere in public and inspiration hits!  Whether you’ve got both eyes on traffic, you’re sniffing fresh fruit at the grocery store, or working out, these ideas come.  It’s frustrating.  You’re inspired and yet the opportunity to get these ideas down in an organized, accessible fashion gets lost time and time again.

I suggest a quickie.

Note, that is.

On Evernote.

It’s easy!

After my last post on Evernote: Why Evernote Has Captivated My Heart, my wise and Evernote loving buddy Chad rightly pointed out that I didn’t make enough mention of Evernote’s amazing mobile capability.  He’s right! It’s one of  the most valuable features to this (did I mention free?) application.

Interestingly, I realized this today as I was driving home and had a brain wave following a phone call.  Instead of recording a message to self and then hoping to remember to look for it later (an unlikely bet) I just used Evernote’s voice recording feature on my iPhone.  It has versions for every major smart phone, so you’re in luck!

As soon as I got home I recorded this introductory tutorial for Evernote and mobile devices and then read Chad’s comment afterward.  It was cool!

I hope you enjoy it and would love to know what other people are doing with Evernote on their mobile devices!!  Have you signed up yet?

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