Early Bird two birds drinking coffeeWhat’s your writing rhythm?

Whether you’re responsible for creating content for your organization or you have a cooking blog that enthralls readers eager for your latest installment, you need to have a writing schedule or else it will become stressful rather than a creative blast.

Here’s what works for me

I like to journal and do creative first thing in the morning (like a dweeb) because it clears all the creative cacophony out of my consciousness from the night. More technical writing definitely requires a shot of caffeinated courage and some final research, so I hit that around 10:00 am when my mind is clear and I have the energy to grapple with it.

When there’s a deadline looming I find I can write 24/7, but discovered in college that my thinking is much clearer when I set the alarm super early rather than staying up late. I got up at 4:00 to finish research papers while the house was all quiet and peaceful and it worked for me. I’ll go to bed relatively early with a question on my mind, wake up super early and start writing because my unconscious will have been working on that question while I sleep.

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