Dogs and Babies?

What IS it about dogs that can melt our hearts into puddles of adoration? They have whiskers. They often have bad breath. They have jowls. Some don’t even have teeth. And yet something about them captivates us.

Actress Helen Mirren says “It’s like, this is me and that’s all I am and here I am. And you can’t take your eyes off it.”

I wonder if this beautiful, open-hearted self-presence isn’t rooted in really accepting who they are. They’ve never been taught to question or criticize themselves. They don’t limit or filter their expression. They just… ARE.

Spiritual experts are always saying that we never have more power than when we’re being fully in the here and now. Sounds a lot like dogs and babies to me.

I really think the key is innocent self-acceptance. How else could you photo bomb your Mom’s wedding day and not have the slightest idea that the Internet just exploded in joyous, whole-hearted approval of your moment.


Maybe we all crave such moments of all in, full throttle, wide open, innocent expression.

If you feel like you came from Planet X instead of the family you were born into, if you feel like the real you is so different that people would never understand you, then try me. 🙂 Let me read your Astrological chart for you and apply the Science of Happiness to it. I’ll bet we uncover potential tools and allies (like in the Hero’s journey!) that can equip you to climb the highest mountain or explore the deepest ocean that calls to you.

Come on home to yourself if you don’t already feel that way. I’d love to meet you. 🙂

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