Peggy Herrman “This is perfect, exactly what I needed!! Thank you so much Lori!!”

A while back Dr. Margaret Herrman, better known as Peggy Herrman had an attractive, but outdated website for The Herrman Group. She asked me to create a fresh approach for this established and award winning Conflict Resolution Consultancy that would preserve it’s well respected academic integrity while making it more accessible for “regular people” who need relief from conflict, whether it’s in the workplace, neighborhood, or church.

She was ready to take on more clients and needed to learn about how to work with social media in order to sensitively build the trust that it takes for people to give her permission to tell them more about what she does, so I created the “Doc Peg is IN” approach for her because it feels like a radio talk show host where you call in with your problems and get help from the relationship Doctor. Peggy generously answers questions and can frequently be found contributing to professional groups on LinkedIn.

She also has a thriving Facebook Page community, Twitter presence, and engaged audience on the site I created for her.


After being social media designed she’s confident and successfully navigates social media like the professional that she is.